Published on Tuesday, March 28th, 2023 in Products

Watch a Surface Grinding Robot Get Packed and Shipped in 60 seconds [VIDEO]

Robotic technology has been revolutionizing various industries, including manufacturing, by making processes more efficient and streamlined. One such innovation is the surface grinding robot, which can perform complex grinding operations with precision and speed. But what happens when it’s time to transport the robot from the manufacturer to its destination?

From Factory to Destination

In this time-lapse video, we show a glimpse of how a surface grinding robot from Flexmill is packed and shipped in just 60 seconds.

The video starts with the robot standing tall on the factory floor, ready for its journey. Workers surround the robot, inspecting and disassembling it for transport. They start by removing any detachable parts, such as the grinding wheel and the robot arm. Once the robot is disassembled, the workers carefully pack each component in custom-made boxes and crates, ensuring that everything is securely fastened and padded for safe transport.

The video then cuts to the robot being loaded onto a truck, where workers use a forklift to carefully maneuver the crates into place. The boxes are labeled and organized to ensure that they can be easily unpacked and reassembled at the destination. The truck then sets off on its journey, with the robot and its components safely stored in the back.

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