Tools Overview

Flexmill’s process tool concept is very versatile in terms of developing completely new solutions for customer manufacturing needs. We are constantly developing new tools for our growing application portfolio.

In many ways terms Dull, Dirty and Dangerous can be associated with surface finishing processes. Based on health, safety and environmental as well as productivity aspects automating chamfering, deburring, grinding, lining and polishing processes is taking the manufacturing to another level on workshop floor.

Flexmill provides a wide range of solutions for improving the manufacturing methods of their customers. As an example, the automatic tool exchange system and force control provide greater processing throughput with consistent high-quality results.

One the most distinctive solutions is the in-house development and designing of tools for a wide range of different applications. Tools are always designed with the highest standards for industrial environments and are robust and reliable.

The tools can used with most industrial robots. Automatic changing technology for belt and disk media is also available for tools made by Flexmill.


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