Process and tooling development

Process and Tooling Development

Flexmill’s platform concept is very versatile in terms of developing completely new solutions for your product’s manufacturing needs. We are constantly developing new tools for our growing application portfolio.

Flexmill platform solutions has been developed to provide intelligent robot automation in a manner that gives the best performance for the investment in all its aspects and brings added value into the manufacturing process. The platform can rapidly deployed due to the extensive engineering and planning associated with bringing the system to market, which benefits end-users by reducing the total cost of ownership.

Flexmill is providing customer specific process and tooling development service.  Flexmill proposal is based customer’s detailed manufacturing requirement and analysis of customer current manufacturing equipment’s.  Typically process and tooling development process is divided to different phases and task’s:

 Phase 1, task 1

Investigation and testing of required tools and  media’s with validated information for optimized process parameters. Testing and validation will be completed in Flexmill process development laboratory  by using test coupons.

 Phase 1, task 2

Tooling and media selection based on results of task 1. Toolpath development, process test and validation with real system and actual parts.

 Phase 2

Implementation and integration at customer plant.

Flexmill process development services including:

 Project management

 Designing work

 Manufacturing and assembly

 Required programming work