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Prismatic Component Deburring

Prismatic component deburring


Flexmill S-series based seven axis robotized deburring solution for the complex prismatic components.

High capacity of tooling with automatic tool exchange systems ensuring easy adaption for most complex components manufacturing.

S-series is ideal solution for aluminum, magnesium and titanium deburring and it designed to comply with NFPA guidelines for combustible dust.


Flexmill S-series for prismatic component deburring :

  •  Based on standard Flexmill S-series platform
  •  Rotary table as 7th axis
  • Dry process environment / wet processing environment
  • Dry dust extraction system / wet filtration system
  • Rotary spindle tool(s)
  • Measurement probe
  • Shelf storage for rotating tools
  • Automatic tool exchange system



  •  Compact size
  •  Accurate process control with build in compliance
  •  Easy and low cost adaption of new products
  •  High capacity of rotary tools
  •  Easy adaption of new tool media types
  •  Long unmanned production time
  • CAD/CAM programmable