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Turbine Blade Finishing

Small casted blade and vane finishing

High precision- cast blades and vanes are the parts used at very high temperatures and are located in turbine sections in jet engines.

Flexmill solution is able to deburr and break sharp edges, polish edges and faces and remove excess material, which is a consequence of previous welding operations. Process adaptivity can be increased by adding optional automatic edge break measurement technology as a part of solution.

A variety of tooling can be implement as a part of the complete finishing process, such as abrasive brushes, abrasive disks, CBN grinding wheels, carbine file’s etc..

A) Fan section

B) Compressor section

C) Combustion section

D) Turbine section

– Low pressure turbine (LPT) blades

– Intermediate pressure turbine (IPT) blades

– High pressure turbine (HPT) blades