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Fan Blade Finishing

High quality finishing for complex blade designs

Large Blade Finishing

Large blades used in jet engines and gas and steam turbines have many similarities and from an application point of view, the same Flexmill technology can be used.

Better energy efficiency is the driving force of further development of turbine products in the aeurospace and energy industries. Due to these requirements, 3D shapes are increasingly becoming more complex and constant quality requirements are very difficult to achieve with conventional manual finishing methods.

Flexmill’s force controlled finishing solutions for large fan blades offer consistent high quality and the scrap rate can be minimized.

As finished materials are typically highly flammable, a wet polishing process with coolant fluid is used.

Work piece length up to 1800 mm with max weight 500kg.

A) Fan section

1 Fan Blades

B) Compressor section

C) Combustion section

D) Turbine section