Customer Support

Customer Support

Flexmill is taking care their customers by providing extensive and professional support throughout till lifetime of products.

Flexmill  can offer wide range of services that is always provided by highly skillfull service people. Flexmill can provide following services:


When our support is needed we are ready to take immediate and preventive action to deliver spare parts and ensure your productivity.  Through our service programs we’ll make sure your machines are always up and running their fullest potential.


Service contracts and packages

We can provide tailored service contracts and packages as needed and  required by customers.

  • Flexmill support ticket system
  • Preventive maintenance contracts
  • Corrective maintenance contracts / extended warranty


Remote care:

With our remote care connection we can provide fast reactivity when support is needed. Quite often problem can be solved remotely and even worst case diagnostic can be done to provide accurate and fast support for customers.


Upgrades and Modernisations

Flexmill solutions are build with philosophy that allows future improving of manufacturing process and performance when new technologies are brought to market. Flexmill can provide further process development and modernization to existing machines.


System relocations

Some times due various reasons it is needed to relocate existing system either to location inside facility or totally to transport to other factory. Flexmill can provide relocation services including project management, dismantling, packaging, installation and test run of the system.