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Blisk Polishing

Blisk Polishing

A blisk (bladed disk or integrally bladed rotor IBR) is a turbine component comprising both of rotor disk and blades. It consists of a single part, instead of an assembly of a disk and individual detachable blades.

As the component is very complicated and machining of the work piece takes days, the last surface treatment is very rarely allowed to be completed manually due to inconsistent quality.

Flexmill has developed a solution and the needed process tools to polish the pressure and suction airfoil surfaces of the blisk and to provide long unmanned operation time.

Flexmill L-series for Blisk Polishing:

  • 7-axis robotized platform 
  • Work piece diameter up to 1500 mm with weight up to 1000 kg
  • Wet process environment
  • Tool to part working method
  • Belt, rotary and spindle tools available
  • Automatic tool/tool media exchange system


  • High reliability and process quality
  • Long unmanned production time
  • Controlled process with flammable materials
  • Swarf collection and filtration
  • Large tooling capacity
  • Automatic tool media exchange
  • Toolpath programming with any 5-axis CAD/CAM
    program (APT toolpath files)