Disk Changer

Disk Changer Overview

Flexmill’s automatic disk changer keeps the changeover time short and a new disk is available when needed. Flexmill’s patented automatic Disk Changer works as a part of the robot’s tooling system.

Extended unmanned production time


The disk changer system increases unmanned production time drastically as the fiber disk exchange can be done during the process cycle.

Long run times can be guaranteed thanks to the capacity of up to 100 fiber disks. The disk changer is integrated with the tool rack cabinet, which allows disk fill-up during the process cycle.

The disk changer has two slots for disk grippers (1,2) with horizontal movement (3) that move between the robot gripper exchange area and the disk change position (4).

At the disk exchange position, the old fiber disk is removed and new one inserted to the gripper. The disk changer has two slots (5,6) for new fiber disks allowing the use of different kinds of fiber disks if required.


The disk changer is technology patented by Flexmill Oy




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