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Gear Chamfering

Unique Gear Chamfering solution for high mix production

Gear Chamfering 

The Flexmill Gear Chamfering solution is focused on small and medium size batch volumes from one piece to up to a few hundred of the same gears per year. The solution can process industrial gear wheels from 100mm to up to 1500mm, which typically are used in marine, offshore, energy, mining, and many other types of industrial solutions.

Especially when dealing with a high mix of products and small batch sizes, the chamfering and finishing of gear wheels are very often done manually. Flexmill’s solution automates this normally very messy and mundane manual work process. The automated process ensures better and more consistent quality. In addition, the work environment is much safer and more comfortable for operators.

With the Flexmill solution, productivity can be drastically increased, while also greatly cutting lead times when compared to manual chamfering and finishing.

The Flexmill Gear chamfering and finishing solution:

  • Dedicated production cell and tooling for gear chamfering and finishing
  • Designed for high mix production
  • Unique parametric chamfering toolpath calculation
  • No programming skills required for new part programming
  • Setup time for new part less than 10 minutes
  • Superior chamfer geometry and quality

Main features of Gear Chamfering solution:

  • Hard tool milling or high speed grinding of chamfers
  • Suitable for gear axels and gear wheels
  • Typical gear wheel diameter: 100mm – 1500mm
  • Gear module range: 3 – 24 (the ratio of the reference diameter of the gear divided by the number of teeth)
  • Max weight: 5000kg (including fixture)
  • mono or dual station for work piece


Quick and easy programming – zero programming skills required

Flexmill’s Gear Chamfering solution is an extremely flexible production cell with quick and easy programming. The programming time of a new gear wheel is less than 3 minutes and set-up can be completed without any robotic programming skills thanks to the easy-to-use user interface for parameter entry.

1. Machined gear wheel with burrs

2. Gear wheel design parameters entry and automatic probe measurement

3. Automatic robot path generation based on parameters and measured values

4. Robotic chamfering and finishing

5. High quality, chamfered and finished gear wheel