Flexmill fully recognizes the importance of appropriate training tailored to the customer specific requirements.  Our experience shows that a smooth handover of equipment can only be achieved if all users and supervisory staff are properly trained beforehand.

It is the policy of Flexmill that training courses should be given by staff who has in-depth knowledge of equipment and systems and direct experience of the customer’s particular needs.  This approach ensures that any training provided is technically correct and complete.

Training program is always tailor made according customer application and used system platform to ensure that customer personnel has needed competent for current and future needs.

Training will be performed in three phases:


Programming training

Training for manufacturing engineers provides trainees a full awareness of the operation and programming of the equipment. This training will take place at the Flexmill’s premises prior to the delivery of the equipment. Training will be performed by Flexmill specialist.

Completed robotics programming training is a prerequisite for the Flexmill’s programming and maintenance training.


Maintenance training

Training for maintenance engineers provides trainees all the information to enable the machine and associated equipment to be fully maintained and serviced. This training may be undertaken at the Flexmill’s premises or on site at customer’s discretion. Training will be performed by Flexmill’s technician.


Operator training

Training for operators provides trainees all the information for basic functional operation and care of the machine and associated equipment. This training will be provided on customer site following installation and commissioning and will be in groups of no more than 3 trainees. Four training sessions will be performed by Flexmill technician.

Language for the training is English.