Application Modules

Our solutions are built on our platform concept. We have developed various application modules with process-specific tools for surface finishing robotic systems. All of our modules can be fitted into existing Flexmill systems.


Various tools and processes are easy to adapt to Flexmill robot systems. Automatic tool exchange system and force control provide greater processing throughput with consistent high-quality results.

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Flexmill tool cabinets provide mechanical dust protection and storage for system tools. The tool cabinet is controlled by the cell controller, and tools can be maintained from outside of the cell during the process.

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Flexmill's automatic disk changer keeps the changeover time short and a new disk is available when needed. Flexmill’s automatic Disk Changer works as a part of the robot’s tooling system.

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Flexmill housings are developed according to specified needs for layout, dust, and noise protection. The cell housings with integrated cell floor structures provide an isolated watertight environment for processing.

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Flexmill software for robot systems provides a user-friendly operator interface and is designed for handling a large amount of robot programs. Off-line programming software includes graphical 3D-simulation with collision checking.

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