Flexmill for Welding Automation

Welding Automation without bottlenecks

Robotic Welding has been developed over the years into optimized precision and efficiency. Wire-speed and arc voltage are just a few of dozens of parameters optimized in welding robotics.

But in order to get 100% out of your welding automation, you need to prepare the parts before welding, as well as in most welding applications you also need to finish the surfaces.

We have been developing robotic surface preparations and finishings for a decade. In some cases, we are able to increase robotic welding lines throughput up to 50%. 

We have pre-prepared a case description with ROI calculation for a robotic welding process with 10 workers in preparations and finishing. Feel free to download the study, we are happy to answer any further questions.  

Case Download - Welding Automation

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