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FlexGrinder BT-1750

FlexGrinder BT-1750


Flexmill FlexGrinder BT-1750 is designed and manufactured for the most demanding applications and environments. The built-in force compliance system and a patented automatic belt exchange function make the BT-1750 an unbeatable tool for long unmanned grinding operations.

A compact and robust chassis with easy to access belt change. The modular design allows selection of contact wheel types to each application for optimum reachability and belt size.
The AC servo motor with closed loop speed control provides reliable and constant grinding belt speed over a large torque area. Recommended for robots with handling capacities >50 kg and IP67, if wet processes are used.


  • High reliability and process quality
  • Accurate belt speed control
  • PLC controlled grinding force
  • Belt brake monitoring
  • Built-in compliance system
  • Automatic belt exchange feature available
  • Cutting fluid nozzles included
  • Changeable contact wheel types
  • Guidance wheel for surface follow up