Fast, safe & precise

A cargo ship’s propeller blade is an enormous piece of metal and takes hard work to get finished. Our robot does the finishing job 3,5 times faster than a man. As the quality remains high, manual labor and the risk of an injury are eliminated from the process.


Huge forces, tiny details

The thousands of parts in a jet turbine have to work perfectly together under extreme conditions. There’s no room for error. It’ s our robots’ job to make the smallest metal parts smooth and flawless, and keep the rotors running.


Currents to current

Efficiency is one of the key aspects, when nature’s flow is turned into electricity. With our surface finishing solutions, the water and wind energy industries have the most efficient parts in use.


It’s ready when it’s finished

We constantly develop surface finishing solutions to new businesses, take metal industry for example. Our cutting-edge products and extensive know-how will cater to your needs regardless of your business and industry. Please contact us for further inquiry.